Are your leads turning into measurable returns?

Proactively reaching into the marketplace with a targeted campaign is often left by the wayside. A campaign, by the sound of word, is too difficult because it involves too many efforts. A systematic campaign suited to your company is not daunting, it is just a matter of the right people building the right tools for your team and executing.

In building a sound strategy, S.J.Hemley Marketing works with you to determine a targeted approach, customized to your business and provides the knowledge and experience to deliver tangible results. From web and email solutions to print to social, we deliver a program with clear metrics for success.

Your brand matters, but not without ROI. We build you a program that delivers tangible results, ask us how!

Lead Generation Services:

  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Target Lists
  • Multi-Media Campaigns
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Social Media Programs and Campaigns with measurable results
  • Vehicle Utilization: Blog, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and etc.
  • Metrics Reporting / ROI Measurement

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Case Studies


Everything sounds good and everything sounds bad without defining your strategy. Why are you going to the tradeshow? Why aren’t you advertising jobs with new sources?

Check out how this firm began with defining their strategy, sharing it with their entire team and unified their entire staffing firm toward a common repeatable goal.

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With thousands of firms competing for the attention of clients, candidates and attracting new internal staff. Check out how this firm began the process of differentiating themselves from the pack.

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Have you ever felt that you couldn’t penetrate the clients you wanted to target? Have you wanted candidates to bring you more candidates?

Generating solid leads for both clients and candidates takes effort. Check out how this firm utilized lead generation to achieve their goals.

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It is one thing to feel like your site is out-of-date and is entirely different to realize that it is not driving candidates or clients. Is it reducing workload? Is it integrated with your ATS?

Check out how this staffing firm brought their site from 1990 to 2015, integrated with erecruit and modernized their entire workflow in the process.

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This is a very common thought, but the reality is do you know how to use social media to drive awareness amongst clients and truly generate candidates.

Check out how this staffing firm has driven superior candidate flow utilizing social media.

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