Have You Set Up Google My Business?

September 22, 2020 Sales Strategy, Website 0 Comments

Have you set up Google My Business? If not, today is the day to do so. If you’re not exactly sure what Google My Business is, odds are you have seen it when searching for a specific business. It’s the side bar on the right side of page 1 of your Google results that showcases a business. It lists your business name, address, hours, phone number, website, reviews, directions to your office, and more. The benefits of creating a free Google My Business account are great for your staffing firm as it is a part of your SEO strategy and website engagement. With that said, continue reading to find out how to set up your account!

How to Set Up Your Account
The first step to setting up a Google My Business for staffing firms is simple: Create a Google account. You may already have one, but if not it’s easy to create one. Once this is done, you need to go to and click “manage now” in the top right corner.

google my business for staffing firms

From here, the site asks you to enter your business name, so simply write in the name of your staffing firm.

google my business for staffing firms

Next, you are going to specify what category your business falls under. This helps customers find you when they are searching for a specific business.

google my business for staffing firms

You will then be asked if you want to add the location of your business. In most cases, the answer should be yes. It’s always a great idea to list your office location for clients and candidates. Opting to list your location also allows you to show up on Google Maps.

google my business for staffing firmsgoogle my business for staffing firms

The next step requires you to specify if your staffing firm also serves customers outside of your office location. This mostly refers to store-like businesses, but it’s useful if you want to show where you are willing to go when meeting clients or candidates.

google my business for staffing firms

If you chose “Yes”, you will be brought to this page:

google my business for staffing firms

If you chose “No”, you will be brought to the next step. This step is very important, as you are providing your staffing firm’s contact information. This includes your website and office phone number. This allows easy access for users to go straight to your website when seeing your business on the first page of Google search results.

google my business for staffing firms

Lastly, you click “Finish” and are given options to manage your listing even further.

google my business for staffing firms

When all of this is said and done, you officially have a verified listing for your staffing firm. When managing your listing beyond the initial set up, you are given options to add photos and videos, write a business description, add service menus, include Google Reviews, and more.

The Marketing Benefits of Google My Business for Staffing Firms
What’s great about creating a Google my Business for staffing firms is that it’s a free tool for marketing that achieves SEO value, sales and recruiting value from driving people directly to your website and is any easy way to get recommendations/reviews from your audience to share with your audience. One additional note about Google My Business is that the account also updates Google Maps to include your company in the map. It positively affects your SEO by making your staffing firm even more visible in Google search results. For example, if you have a Google My Business account and someone searches “staffing firms boston” (given that is one of your keywords), there is a great chance your staffing firm will be listed with other similar businesses on the first page. Another aspect of Google My Business for staffing firms is that it gives you the option to include reviews and ratings. This is a great feature that showcases positive reviews of your my business for staffing firms

Google My Business is a great marketing tool that boosts your SEO and allows for your staffing firm to be seen in Google searches. If you have any questions about this marketing tactic, feel free to contact us. Good luck out there.

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