What is your company’s
greatest challenge for growth?

For many companies, the quest for growth in recruiting marketing begins with listing a challenge, creating their solution and then executing. Once accomplished, they take a look at the next challenge and follow the same steps. But, did they step back and attempt to identify all of their challenges for growth? Did they prioritize or did they wrongly prioritize because one issue was more pronounced than another?

Simply put, identifying all of your challenges, prioritizing them, determining what is attainable through current resources and what is not is actually the greatest challenge. When we do not truly understand our challenges, prioritize them, resource them accordingly and attack them systematically, we have insured at best a slower pace to growth and at worst we may move so slowly that we do not encounter growth. Staffing firm marketing services that achieve results.

The key is to identify all the challenges, form a strategy, prioritize and execute with a sound recruiting marketing strategy. Sounds simple, so why do most companies not do it? Ask us how!

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    Staffing Firm Marketing Case Studies

    Marketing Strategy for Staffing Firms


    Everything sounds good and everything sounds bad without defining your strategy. Why are you going to the tradeshow? Why aren’t you advertising jobs with new sources?

    Check out how this firm began with defining their strategy, sharing it with their entire team and unified their entire staffing firm toward a common repeatable goal with their recruiting marketing strategy.

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    Staffing Firm Branding


    With thousands of firms competing for the attention of clients, candidates and attracting new internal staff. Check out how this firm began the process of differentiating themselves from the pack.

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    Lead Generation for Staffing Firms


    Have you ever felt that you couldn’t penetrate the clients you wanted to target? Have you wanted candidates to bring you more candidates?

    Generating solid leads for both clients and candidates takes effort. Check out how this firm utilized lead generation to achieve their goals.

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    Website Development for Staffing Firms


    It is one thing to feel like your site is out-of-date and is entirely different to realize that it is not driving candidates or clients. Is it reducing workload? Is it integrated with your ATS?

    Check out how this staffing firm brought their site from 1990 to 2015, integrated with erecruit and modernized their entire workflow in the process.

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    Staffing Firm Social Media


    This is a very common thought, but the reality is do you know how to use social media to drive awareness amongst clients and truly generate candidates.

    Check out how this staffing firm has driven superior candidate flow utilizing social media, recruiting marketing.

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    What our staffing firm clients have to say

    • "Larry’s support and expertise was invaluable in helping us refresh the Genuent brand and launch our new offering – Talent Path. His expertise spanned every aspect of marketing – from strategy to branding, from website design to building the right internal culture. His leadership and experience came at a time when we completely dismantled our marketing, and frankly, we never missed a beat."
      Kip Wright
      Kip WrightPresident & CEO, Genuent
    • "IHRIM engaged S.J. Hemley to overhaul and “professionalize” our approach to marketing and outbound communications; across website redesign, campaign management, email & social media outreach, branding, and creative design. S.J. Hemley has provided valuable insights into best practices, current trends, and quick, cost-effective fixes – all of which are crucial for a non-profit organization. Having a partner we trust for advice is as important as their commitment to strategy execution."
      Mick Collins
      Mick CollinsChairperson, IHRIM
    • "S.J.Hemley Marketing has been an incredible partner to Sysazzle.  Their team's knowledge of the industry is deep and wide.  Their passion for helping companies brand, market, train and hold accountable the people and processes required to grow are world class.  Their success for us is because they have a focused, thorough and "all in" approach to their work. The entire S.J.Hemley Marketing team are second to none."
    • "S.J.Hemley Marketing is a trusted partner. They make marketing highly approachable and collaborative allowing us to feel confident about the efforts we take on. From website to branding to lead generation to social, S.J.Hemley Marketing has been the go to firm for us. They are direct in their approach and guide us to the right decision. ROI has seen ROI from S.J.Hemley Marketing."
      Bryan Quinn
      Bryan QuinnPresident, ROI
    • “S.J. Hemley is more than  a partner they are a trusted advisor both to our marketing direction but also due to their knowledge of staffing they bring insight to the table that helps us drive the business. The major website overhaul we just completed is a reflection of a collaborative approach that resulted in an outstanding creative solution.”
      JOHN HENNESSYCOO, Whitridge Associates
    • “S.J.Hemley Marketing partnered with us to drive all of our marketing efforts. They brought us forward with all of our marketing from website and case studies to new logo to lead generation and more. We now portray the image we believe the Softworld brand should and it is delivering.”
      DAVID TEITELMANCEO, Softworld, Inc.